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poundland job vacanciesPoundland has really become a British recognised name in a very short space of time.

There are many Poundland jobs that are usually available in various parts of the company…

…from in-stores positions, careers in the Retail Support Centre which is based in the West Midlands, to employment and Poundland job vacancies  in the distribution, warehousing as well as delivery departments of the business.

The best part of this business is its simplicity. Basically each Poundland store has over 3000 product items, each and every one of these items is offered to customers for the outstanding value of just £1 for each item.

Many stores welcome 18000 or more customers weekly and the company as a whole see more than 3,000,000 consumers weekly.

Poundland has now grown to more than 400 retail outlets which means lots of jobs.

How do they do this you may ask?

Poundland says its down to smart purchasing and selling, combined with super efficient company processes and customer service to match, that they can make this so cheap and still keep the quality.  They keep the same philosophy as when the first started not that long ago back in 1990.

poundlandcareersPoundland Jobs And Training

As you can imagine a company with this track record and growth really believes believes in their people and believes believes in and the careers of all their employees.

When you first join Poundland they give you an induction plan straight away. They will teach you all about the company and what makes them unique and they ways they conduct their business.

As well  as this they also encourage you by giving you regular reviews so that you can see how your doing and help you in areas where you might need further developing.

Poundland also like to give jobs promotions internally so that if your good you can move around different sections of the business and as you do they will give you more training to make sure you have all the knowledge and skill-sets you-require.

poundlandemploymentPoundland Jobs – Employee Benefits

There are many benefits to working for Poundland, here a few:

  • You get access to a good Company Pension plan
  • At least Twenty Eight days off vacation time and more as the years add up
  • Cash bonus to you if any of your mates join the firm
  • Depending on the how the company is doing you may also get other bonuses too
  • Complimentary Life Insurance to protect your family
  • Access for all Poundland employees to a confidential employment


Poundland Jobs Application

If you wish to apply for Poundland job vacancies for any manager type roles you have to apply to Poundland directly.

Alternatively if you want to apply for any other jobs then you have to go via one of the other agencies that Poundland have partnered up with.

If you want jobs in the shops, then they advise you to pop into a local job centre plus and speak to one of the advisor’s there.

They also have warehouse career opportunities in the the Midlands and you are advises to contact Tudor Employment with regards employment positions here.

As with other similar positions you’ll be required to fill in a form and once your selected attend an interview with a department supervisor.

Its always advisable to take an up to date CV which states any job experience you have and any qualifications.

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